Emily A Francis Books

Clinical/Neuromuscular Massage

The goal is to bring the muscles back to their full range of motion.This style of massage goes beyond relaxation. Working with the various trigger points in the body, deep tissue work can help release sore muscles, help muscles overcome injuries and help to bring the muscles back to its full ability of movement. It is beautiful work and necessary work when the body is in need.


TMJ Disfunction can manifest itself in so many ways, particularly extreme tightness in the neck and upper shoulders. What separates Emily from many other therapists is that to treat the jaws, neck and shoulders Emily includes side posture for full treatment of the areas as well as intra-oral work. Not very many therapists are trained to go inside the mouth-but this is so important for this type of work. For the best relief possible if you are experiencing jaw, neck and shoulder issues.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is very light, rythmic massage/skin stretching to move lymphatic fluid. CDT (Combined Decongestive Therapy) includes bandaging, skin care, exercise and massage. The bandaging portion of the training and practice is extremely specific. In the foot photo, I am doing "fish tails" as my first layer of bandaging following the gauze and foam wrap. The final product of the bandaging looks like the photo below. To the left is Robert Harris checking our work in our recertificaiton course.

The all around benefits of MLD as a complimentary therapy:

Decreases Edema

Reduces Pain

Promotes Relaxation

Speeds the healing process of surgery and injury

Decreases scarring

When to consider MLD as a complimentary therapy


Pre and Post surgery: Plastic surgery, hip and knee replacements)

Sprains, strains and muscle tears

Sluggish Immune System


When not to consider MLD as a complimentary therapy:


Acute infections

Thrombosis or other circulatory problems

Congestive Heart Failure

Untreated Malignant Tumors

If you are currently undergoing active treatment for cancer (consider this after treatment).